Mach3 USB Motion Board AKZ250(B)[ENGLISH]



This model is the new version LF77-AKZ250-USB2(B), which has the same function as the old version LF77-AKZ250-USB2, and the appearance and other mechanical dimensions are also the same.


The new version (B) is different from the old version:

(1) Appearance: The new version uses SMD LED, including 16 input point indications and 1 speed measurement input point indication.

(2) Function: The 16 input points of the new version have added capacitive filtering.

Product model in the photo MODEL:LF77-AKZ250-USB2(B)-4AXIS


Mach3 Usb Motion Card Chinese&English Manual, Plugin, Schematic

 Schematic [Zip Archive – 174 KB]