Mach3 USB Motion Board AKZ250(B)[ENGLISH]



This model is the new version LF77-AKZ250-USB2(B), which has the same function as the old version LF77-AKZ250-USB2, and the appearance and other mechanical dimensions are also the same.  

The new version (B) is different from the old version:

(1) Appearance: The new version uses SMD LED, including 16 input point indications and 1 speed measurement input point indication.

(2) Function: The 16 input points of the new version have added capacitive filtering.  


Product model in the photo MODEL:LF77-AKZ250-USB2(B)-4AXIS  


Chinese&English Manual Ver1.17 (English update:2012-10-02)

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   DOC [Word Document – Zip Archive 2.3 MB]

   Windows 10 Driver reinstalling 2017-8-18   [Adobe Acrobat PDF – Zip Archive 0.8 MB] 


 Plug-in ver2.0.2.1(UsbMove.ZIP) 2019-2-8 [Zip Archive – 0.2MB]

 Schematic [Zip Archive]


Interface USB
Axis output num 3 or 4 Axis (high-speed optocouplers)
Axis output freq 200KHz
Digital inputs PNP-5V *16 (Optocoupler isolation)
Analog inputs 0-3.3V * 2 (non-isolated)
MPG inputs PNP-5V *1 (Optocoupler isolation)
Speed measurement input 1 (Optocoupler isolation): PNP-5V / NPN-5V
Digital outputs Open collector output 500mA *8 (Optocoupler isolation)
Analog output PWM open collector output 13mA *1 (Optocoupler isolation)


Axis Backlash YES
MPG(Manual Pulse Generator) Not real time
Slave Axis(Dual X/Y/Z) NO
Automatic leveling(dual side home switch) NO
Axis Link NO